Snap to object for complex shapes (making templates)

Hi guys,

Trying to figure out why some parts will snap to object and some do not.

As background, most of our graphics are complex in design but simple in shape - not square exactly, but close to it. See the pic below.

We need to engrave on both the back and the front, and we make dozens of these per week (at 1 hour cut time per box), so making them one at a time is not possible. To that end we created a template by removing all but the outer “cut out” layer and colored it T1 to make our “template”. When making cut files I then drag and drop the parts needed for that particular job (we have dozens of different designs for each “part”). Of the 8 shapes we cut/engrave, 6 of them snap to my template just fine - and 2, the 2 with the most complex outer shape incidentally, do not. I am trying to figure out why and how to fix it.

To help with that, here is what one “set” of my template looks like (this is duplicated 6 times per cut file):

The 2 that I highlighted in yellow are the problem shapes. Here is an example of what goes in to that “template”, and will not snap when dragged:

colorless front

To keep this simple I am not going to upload pics of the rest of the parts, but they are all of similar design, the only difference being this part (the one that will not snap) has a cut out layer that essentially cuts the part in 2 at the end of the cut process… this line I removed from the “template” to see if that would help it snap, but it did not.

Any idea why this will not snap and how I might be able to fix it? Manually aligning it takes a considerable amount of time… and we have to make a LOT of these!

Thanks much for any kick in the right direction!

You’ve indicated that snapping isn’t working but you haven’t indicated what you’re trying to snap and where you’re trying to snap to and in what way it’s not snapping the way you’d like.

Are you able to upload a .lbrn file with just the 2 portions that are needed to demonstrate the issue?

In the meantime, read through this post to see if it changes your understanding of snapping behavior at all.

I thought I had explained it well… but I’m not the best at explaining things haha.

IN any case your quote helped. I was dragging from the center… dragging from a corner fixes the issue! Thanks!

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