Snapmaker 2.0 A350 and Lightburn

Cannot seem to find the right setup for my Snapmaker 2.0. When run the code for a simpl box it always engrave at the wrong z hight. Trying to engrave a 2.0mm thick wood. And do i need a start and end gcode inserted into Lightnurn?

Other than for a specific operation, Lightburn does not have Zaxis motion capability. If your machine retracts the Zaxis on program start, a startup code might help.

My tabletop CNC/Laser would run from wherever I set Z. I would Home the machine, then Console G01 Z-18.5 (depending on the material thickness) to get it to the focus position Start took care of the rest.

I am seeing a lot of machines with a motorized Z-axis lately, so maybe someone else with one of them can jump in with more info.

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