Snapmaker 2.0 file format

A post instructs how to set up an image to burn it to black painted tiles.
At the end it suggests saving the file with the .NC extension to take to the machine. The post is here:

SEE; Step 4 in Lightburn/computer steps section.

I can’t find this extension in the export menu of LightBurn but Luban does save in .NC format.
Can anyone direct me to the proper way of creating a file to burn on tiles?

.nc is listed as one of the options when you go to save the file. Just type that in as your extension when you save. In the latest version of LightBurn it will remember and make that the default for next time so that you don’t have to type the extension anymore. You will actually see .nc move to the front of the list


Thanks Adam,
I was going by the word “Export” in the post but I see from your pic that it is in the “save as GCode” menu. I had to do some digging but eventually found that menu with the ‘save as type’ box after going to the >File Settings and turning on the > ‘Bypass system load/save dialog’ (in the other settings section) which was off by default.
I am in the trial period of LB, I see you are part of the Dev. team so can you tell me if you will eventually have support for the Snapmaker 2.0 unit as your dev. work progress? i.e. default settings for burn/cut on various material.
So, thank you for that info, much appreciated.
All the best
P.S. Love the red hat.

Ah, sorry for the confusion. Yes, export is for saving to another vector format. You shouldn’t need to change the system load/save dialog type to get it to allow you to save .nc format though. But I won’t question it - as long as it’s working for you now.

As for SnapMaker 2.0 I can’t say - @LightBurn is the one that would know more about that. I don’t personally know enough about what makes the 2.0 different than what we currently support.

And currently we do not provide default cut settings for any machine. Maybe someday but there are too many machines we support to keep up with given they are all so different in terms of capabilities. It’s very possible someone on the forum would have a cut library they would be willing to share.