Snapmaker 2 A350T 10W laser settings for cardboard

Hi all

I am new to laser cutting/engraving and also very new to Lightburn.
I own a Snapmaker 2 A350T with the 10W laser module.

I am trying to cut 6mm cardboard and with a testfile with different settings in Snapmaker Luban I was able to figure out the proper settings:

300mm Speed with 2 passes (1mm step down) at 100% power.

Due to limitations and a bug in the Luban software regarding sizing of workpieces when importing i switched to Lightburn. So far so good.

I then imported the workpiece and set the same cut settings as the ones i figured out in luban, so 300mm, 2 passes at 100% power.
The problem is that the cardboard starts burning now which did not happen when creating the g-code file in Luban with the exact same settings. So my guess is that i am missing a specific setting and i was hoping someone can explain the differences here for me?

I don’t think it is a focusing problem as i am focusing manually.

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Hi David,
interessant that you are working with a Snapmaker. I use Lärche LarchWood 4 mm with 230 mm/min and 100 % .

The Pinewood it needs 50 mm/min and it is a bad result . Maybe the clou ist the reason!
But my problem is with laser power. I can not make it higher then 20% .

I don’t where I can adjust .
Thank you for youer help.

Hi Christoph

There should be a database with different materials and the settings used for cutting and engraving. But as the 10W laser module is pretty new i did not find any suggestions. Would be very helpful, right now as a laser cutter newbie it’s a lot of try and error.

For your problem:
You can change the power of the laser under “Cuts/Layers”. Just doubleclick the corresponding layer and you get the settings.

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