Snapmaker / laser doesn't cut through partially

Hey Guys!
I’m currently cutting out some Christmas houses for my wife, and unfortunately it has happened to me on several houses that the laser doesn’t cut through all parts of the wood.
It is also noticeable that the burns are clearly visible in the areas where the laser did not cut through
I’m starting to think it’s the wood itself, but I wanted to ask the professionals what you think about it?
Im working with a Snapmaker 2 and the 10W Laser Module
Wood is Plywood with 3,2mm
Lightburn Settings are 100% Laser Power and i cut with 200mm/minute, and two passes.
Air Assist is also installed…

Anyone an idea? :wink:

It could very well be related to the material. I can’t tell from the photos but are there gaps in the wood near the partial burn areas? Also changes in material density, glue density, or just material variation could play a factor, especially on plywood. Gaps in the wood paradoxically can make burning through more difficult due to light scattering.

Do the gaps occur near the same part of the machine every time? Or does it vary each job? If it varies with each job then that’s further evidence for a material issue.

Thank you for the fast answer, i have now broken one, can´t see any gaps, but maybe the material change of wood is the reason… but crazy that it only affects such a small part of the wood…
it vary each job, but maybe its the same part of the wood, just flipped (i hope you know what i mean… :wink: )

do you think with 3 passes it should work? or will it just burn it even more?

3 passes may get you a cleaner cut. However, if it’s due to a material differences it will continue to pose a challenge.

If you complete the cut where it’s having an issue either with a knife or saw or with the laser do you notice any difference in the material at that point?

Sorry, i forgott the attachment in my last post :see_no_evil:

at the moment i run a next try, with z step, 2 passes and slower speed… next is 3 passes…

Have you got tabs enabled?

Looks like bad wood. It’s the glue used to create the plywood. The moisture will also affect how it cuts. Have you tried a different piece of wood, or is it doing it on multiple pieces?
Try drying a piece (low like 100F for an hour or two) and make sure the material is not warped.

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