Snapping Nodes to the middle of another line


Is it possible to snap together lines that are independent of each other, from the end of one line to the middle of another?

These two lines won’t join together

For instance, I am trying to close the shape by having this figure intersect with the line under it.

Here’s a really good clip

There are more if you search for " LightBurn Node Editing"

In there are points on extending lines to intersect others, deleting, changing from normal to smooth, many great pointers.

Hope it helps :wink:

The shape you are trying to “close” is a bit challenging from what I see, as you are trying to connect it to another closed shape. Would need to see more of the screen to suggest a workflow to help. To your original question about snap behavior, have a look at this for a detailed explanation of how to use this feature. Creation Tools - LightBurn Software Documentation

Hey! Thanks for the video, unfortunately I don’t have an issue with those commands. It’s attaching a line to the middle of another line, and sometimes my lines don’t want to join together.

I’m trying to attach one shape to the middle of another, and lightburn won’t let me join the two lines. If you look at the photo above, you can also see that the selected lines are not attached. They aren’t grouped together either, so I’m a little bit confused why these two lines are bonded, but it won’t join with the long line under the circle.

There are controls to adjust the snap behavior which might help.

I’m a dummy, I used the wrong terminology. They do snap together, but they don’t join together into one shape.

They won’t close like that. A closed shape is a single, continuous loop, without T-junctions.

If you are intending to fill it, you define outlines to be filled.

When filled, the inner lines would be completely ignored, so there’s no point in having them:

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