Snowflake generator

Anyone interested in a snowflake generator?

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… it’s fine, now we just have to wait until next winter :wink:
I will try to make a few examples in acrylic.
Thank you for sharing

Heh, I was expecting one of these…

Lol trying to find a SVG for that :wink:

The snowflake generator creates SVG files with a stroke width. Lighturn does not recognize stroke width. You have to run them thru a program like CorelDraw, Illustrator, or Inkscape and “convert outline to object” in CorelDraw or “outline stroke” in Illustrator. Export that file to SVG, import into Lightburn and select a snowflake and “weld”

FWIW, it’s super easy to build your own snowflakes in LB using the circular array tool. Learned that last Christmas…


Thank you for sharing @sensor

Appreciate your finds!

Cheers :beers:


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I keep sharing my finds :slight_smile:

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