So That's What I Had To Do To Get A Sticker

Got my 120* angle lens camera in today. Thought I’d post some pics to show everyone what I received. I don’t think anyone else has done this.

Look at this envelope! Such a nice envelope.

It’s got my name on it!

And here are the contents. Warning: Don’t open your envelope with a knife. I almost cut my USB cable.

Thanks LightBurn!

Now, to figure out how to mount it…


Here are some images of the camera itself, next to a ruler.

It looks to be 62 x 9mm. My caliper has a dead battery, so I didn’t bother measuring distances or diameters on those through holes.

@LightBurn Do you have a pinout or any hardware info for this thing? Can I wire up LEDs where they’re missing?


I’m hoping my 120° lens angle camera will be shipped soon. I’ve been considering a mounting method and probably will use the magic of magnetism. A pair of magnets attached to a substrate material which is then attached to the camera back. A matching pair of magnets stuck on the lid with double sided high strength foam tape (positioned AFTER the location is confirmed with calibration) should provide easy removal and attachment without changing the calibration.

If angle changes are necessary, the substrate can be shimmed with angled spacers or something similar in concept.

Thanks for the knife warning! One can get enthusiastic with a sharp box cutter.

I went old school. took a cover with plexi missing (from fire lol) took an 18 inch piece of 5/16 soft copper flattened each end for an inch, flattened an inch and a half in center, silicone glued camera to middle flat spot, bent legs down till camera was where I wanted it.
Will add a plexiglas dome on top for safety and air/smoke control.

Fred - yours went out this morning. You should’ve gotten a tracking number via email.

yepper! Just this morning (eastern time) the tracking number shows delivery to be two days away. Pretty exciting stuff.

I am thinking of mounting my camera via a mount made from 3d print. The camera will mount on to one side of the print and the base will be printed and attached via magnets to the underside of the lid. The base and camera mount will attach to each other with a “hinge” that can be tightened down with a small screw handle. Think sort of like the picture enclosed which is a mount for a go pro camera that has a tilting capibility


craig imboden that is a great idea!

I’m gonna have to get me one of them lightburn stickers! It will look good right next to the cohesion one!

I’m also building a dual head 150w RECI monstrosity and Cohesion/LB has been chosen to keep it behaving!

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Have you given thought to how that would work? C3D only has one laser pwm output. You could have a toggle switch to change between tubes but it’s limiting.

For what I am doing I merely need to make multiples of the same object at the same time.

The design started as a single tube with a working area of ~51" wide and a passthrough for length. Later I decided to add a second head/tube and follower setup to make doubles during the same cycle.

My plan was to use the one pwm to feed both laser power supplies when in “duplicate” mode and have a switch on each to interrupt one or the other depending on need (one side cut through fine but the other needs another pass). The size of the machine is simply because I can, and I like having room to grow. I didn’t see why one pwm couldn’t feed two psu’s being it’s just a signal and the mini I have now could be used for a printer which would be WAY more effort to drive a hot end via pwm. Not sure about the newest board but if I have to, being the mini is out of stock. I can pull the one I have for the new machine and put a laserboard in the machine I have now.

If I need to utilize the full bed for a large piece I’d turn off the right laser, disconnect the bar connecting the two heads, and slide the loose one out if the way. Only one head will be connected by belt the other is just a follower.

Side note.
I’m still deciding on if there is a real benefit going 150 over 100 for what I do and it would be merely for thicker things in the future. I already have a 6x10 hybrid cnc plasma/router table so no need to go bigger for that reason. For cutting the router will blow the laser away. Looking to see if I can find other benefits.

Yep that should work fine - running only one tube at a time and switching between them.

Alright… well. I guess I’ll just see myself out of my own thread here…

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Actually it would be running both at the same time with the ability to shut one down. Will cohesion not be able drive two psu’s? They would be doing the same thing. I understand it isn’t in the specs but I dont see why it wouldn’t be possible.

I really like cohesion and its ease of use but if I need to look at another controller I will. I have yet to see the benefit in extra cost of a Ruida.

It’s just a digital signal, don’t see a problem there.

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Speaking of the sticker…