So this is laser cutting in the 21st Century .......Im having a ball :)

Just to leWindows 10, a generic 130 Watt laser 6445 G controller, using USB as COMs and I am having a ball using all this functionality. My initial water sensor behind me, WELL BEHIND, and now I am changing up a gear from my 1996 Epilog, which I still love and will be with me for ever, but this is a whole new ball game. Well done everyone :slight_smile:

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The fun continues.

I have set up ethernet, tried USB in its Serial and packet configs and had no problems except those introduced by me :slight_smile:

Hardware wise I have added a compressor and changed out the rubber tubing used by the manufacturer for air assist, it was in truth next to useless, now however things are really rocking.

The Lightburn software has been stunningly good, lots to read, lots to try and all of it interesting and supported by this wonderful forum. I have no idea how the replies are generated as quickly and in such an informative and balanced manner.

Lets see where all this goes.

Won my first paying jobs with some medals for an ice hockey event… :slight_smile:

Glad you are enjoying the journey, and thanks for the kind words. We try to be responsive. It is the entire community stepping in with their experience and knowledge that helps this work.

Team work making the Dream…well, you know! :wink:

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