So where to buy a K40 in the UK

I live in the UK and am thinking of a k40.

Internet seems littered with many options from china but the downside is a) delivery, b) customs c) quality control

I was hoping the UK might have a decent supplier… But my search has not been helpful. Amazon in the UK just has machines provided by Chinese sellers and terrible reviews.

Any suggestions???

All K40s are terrible machines - even the good ones.

They are the absolute most basic unit you can get to laser cut anything.

That’s not meant disparagingly - the value for money is outstanding. they were designed to suit the asian rubber stamp market, for which they are eminently suitable, but have been co-opted by the maker movement as a source of cheap and easy laser engraving/cutting.

If you’ve ever spent any time in Asia, you will know they are ‘chop’ (rubber stamp) mad. That made up so much of my business the last ten years we lived in SE Asia.

I buy direct from China from a manufacturer that does a great job - air assist, focus lens tube, proper rails, good bed, good psu, etc., but shipping and import duty to the UK would be a killer for private purchase.

Whatever you buy will need more maintenance and attention than a bigger machine, it’s part of the charm, like owning a Model T :slight_smile:

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