Soft limits error

Is there a way to make it so the soft limits don’t give an alarm which you have to reset but just that it limits you to go any further in that direction?


Not that I’m aware of. If you exceed the limits of the machine during a job, the work piece would most likely be ruined anyway.

yeah but it would be nice while jogging

What does the soft limits do? I tried researching it

To be more precise, mvrolix is talking about Light burn limits software.

Here is the case (our limit switchtes are on the top right corner):

After LB home the machine position (top right) we send it to the bottom left to set a 0,0 work origin (user origin) we created a macro for that:
X-900 Y-600
G92 X0 Y0 Z0 F6000

So I think it’s more than just pointing an issue it’s kind of request to LB dev team :wink:

The first one would be a LB soft limit that doesn’t allow jogging going out of the travel limits because doing that, GRBL goes in alarm mode and need to be reset and you need to home again…
Second thing would be to include an LB Alert when doing a Trace boundary (or when starting the job) it gives an alert to the user that the loaded design will go out of machine limits by recalculating the user position with the travel machine limits. (For example lasercut 5.3 doesn’t allow outrun (frame boundary)

Having those two features, the only possibility to reach the limits would be by loosing steps.

It’s actually the only interesting feature in Laserweb. We tried laserweb last week with our machine and we are having troubles since the beginning. and I’ll not talk about the performances with WebGL/JS that makes laserweb horrible to work with… before that we used lasercut 5.3 during years. We want to test a new soft with advanced features and for that, LB have more than we could expect!

I believe that lightburn is one of the best softwares on the market and some minor improvements you could add to your stack would make the soft way more user friendly with GRBL :wink: The biggest issue is always the user experience and our machine has tons of users at our makerspace.

BTW, here is our GRBL config:



If you use the “click to move” tool to position the laser, it will never exceed the size you’ve set, even if you click outside the workspace.