"soft zero" Print and Cut

I’ve been trying to use the Print and Cut feature to cut an over-sized item with reference points. I have set point 1and point 2 but after the second point I get a message saying I have to use my controller to set a soft zero before I continue. I have no Idea what this means. If I ignore it, the file never cuts in the proper place so something needs to change on the zero. Also, I’ve noticed that the lase status never changes from “disconnected Print and Cut” to “Ready Print and Cut.” Clearly the laser is connected because it makes cuts. WTF??

This message is presented for laser systems with Trocen/AWC motion control systems. This ‘soft zero’ must be set from the HMI (human to machine interface) panel on the laser itself, as Trocen does not provide a way to set this from software.

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