Software and machine not syncing

I have both my orgins set at bottom left corner BUT when i click the frame button it goes to upper right corner on machine but on the computer the image has to be in bottom right to match the machine top right. So its like a guessing game for me when i hit frame wherever the laser goes i have to eyeball and put the board there. I want to be able to put the picture at the coordinates and the board or whatever in same place and let it do its thing. Thank you

I see that you’ve put this in the LightBurn Bridge category. The LightBurn Bridge is generally used for a Mac to talk to a Ruida Controller. It’d be really interesting to see it work for an Atomstack A5. I’ll adjust it when you confirm its use or absence.

I gather that your computer is communicating with the AtomStack A5 without the LightBurn Bridge.

Would you be willing to remove one of the stepper motor driver cables from your AtomStack device and hold it up to the other one and compare the length and pin-outs(wire colors to where they go). I’m under the impression that the wires are different (on one of the four ends) reversing the action of the motor that cable is connected to.

if you’ve got one reversing cable and it’s installed on the forward motor - it runs backwards and the motor that’s supposed to run backwards doesn’t. That sort of sounds like what you’ve written about but i’m trying to confirm.