Software and version and how to buy

im trying to buy light burn and all i see is circuit boards and displays. im plugged right in to my computer and the free version works just fine. why do i need a circuit bourd or display to buy?

they are trying to show you that the software is offered at different prices because they work on different controllers. what controller are you using or plan to use?

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If you’re buying one for a GRBL controlled machine you need the G-Code licence. I’m glad it’s working well for you. You probably want to buy it before the trial runs out and have an e-mail address ready for the licence key to arrive by email at.

Don’t panic - the circuit boards are what the typical G-code controller looks like. It helps some folks understand what’s under the hood. On my 3018 the board is visible and it looks somewhat like the board on the left. Your circuit board might look more like the one on the right.

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