Software becomes unresponsive all too frequently

I am still working with the trial software. I have an OMTech Polar laser, using an HP Evny 360 laptop. I have gone through the initial set up, calibrated and aligned my camera, and have cut (unsuccessfully) several test cards to determine my speed and % power. I am struggling with accuracy of my focus but also struggling because lightburn becomes unresponsive during my file set up. I will close out, restart my computer and try again. I usually have to do this 2 or 3 times while working with my project. I can address the focus issues in another feed, but for now any ideas as to why I struggle to keep the program up and running?

HI Peggy,

Are you getting any sort of error message when your PC hangs up? Does your entire device become unresponsive, or just LightBurn?

Colin, I suspect she has some type of large objects/images that the software is working through… I have a i7 quad core, and I get the error message with large object, but usually with images I’m manipulating …

The system pops up a message that it’s not responding and have the option to close the program or wait… If I wait it comes around…


I am sorry to say I dont know the answer to whether it is just lightburn that freezes. I dont have to ctrl alt del to shut down, I can close lightburn, I get a message that they are sending a message to windows, and I can restart my computer. but I will check the next time it happens. yesterday, my husband saw a message about the usb not being recognized (or something along those lines). I needed one more usb port than I currently had, so I bought a 3 port usb 3.0 extender. my usb cables attaching to the laser are 6ft usb 3.0 cables. could this possibly be the source of the problem?

The usb would only be a problem when you are sending something to the machine. If you’re just working with Lightburn doing artwork it should have no effect.


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I took careful note of what I was doing when lightburn became unresponsive the past few times. While this may be a lengthy reply, I will list the steps I took yesterday when trying to cut a very simple cake topper from 3mm basswood. I set up my file had my board in the laser bed, focused my machine and cut the file. It did not cut all the way through the wood, so I pressed start a second time to run a second pass. Lightburn was grayed out and “(Lightburn not responding)” was on the very top of the screen next to the Lightburn 1.3.01.
I closed lightburn, restarted lightburn, restored the file I was working on, increased my power setting, pressed ok, pressed start. Machine did not start. A message popped up saying “lightburn could not send file. Machine may be paused or busy.” I saved the file, closed out and restarted my computer.
But wait, there’s more…
I opened lightburn, imported my file, pressed start, and it started like it should. Remember, I am a newbie to this craft, I printed where there was no wood underneath, definite user error. So, I moved the file, pressed start, and again. lightburn unresponsive. I had to restart the computer, rinse and repeat.
For me, lightburn goes unresponsive after my file cuts, pretty much every time.
Is this operator error, possible usb cable error, possible laser issue, or a lightburn error? Thank you!

If you’re using a usb connection, I’d switch to an Ethernet connection. The problem is more than likely the usb communications link isn’t up to snuff. You could try another usb cable… I went through something similar and dumped the usb for Ethernet.

I’d suggest using send instead of start and running the job from the machine console, at least until you figure it out. Although start is supposed to send the file then start it. If you send the file, you can manually start it on the Ruida.

Some of the Ruida operations don’t sound right… from your description.

This can be a couple of things. It could be Lightburn is working on the artwork or that the communication link has failed and it’s trying to reconnect. You can right click on the devices button and it will try and reconnect.

It sounds like Lightburn is not responding message is from your OS, not lightburn. Mine does that now and then and I just let it continue and it comes around.

Lightburn puts it’s connection status in the top of the Laser window.

Does any of this make sense?


I believe the failure comes mainly when the laser has finished cutting> It always fails when I try to stop a cut because the speed and power are set inorrectly and I get extreme burning or flames. I am realizing that my focus machine doesnt always respond move to the mm setting input like it should.

I also have the same problem. The software becomes unresponsive and locks up. I have to close the software and restart it then reconnect the machine to the software by unplugging the laser from the computer and re plugging it in. It does not do it all the time or after doing a specific task. My files are mostly text and should not tax the software. I see it mostly when I try to send files to the machine.

Is your computer’s USB going to sleep, you might need to turn off the USB sleep modes in settings