Software differences

I have been using a Diode version of Lightburn for just over a year. Installed on 2 PCs. One in my house to do the design and one in my shop for running my CNC machine with a JTech laser. I recently obtained a CO2 laser and had no room for it in my woodworking shop. It is in my basement with a new purchase of CO2 Lightburn software. Can I do design work in my office with the Diode software and then open it on my basement PC with CO2 setup? I assume if I can open it, I will have to readjust my settings in the file. Thanks in advance.

LightBurn works based on the device profile you are using when you create the file. You can have different profiles defined, supporting all the lasers you have.

You can work a file intended to be output to one of the devices from any computer where you have LightBurn installed, and use the same device profile.

Thanks Rick. My office install is set for Diode (GRBL) and won’t allow me to add another device with a Ruida controller. Both PCs have Lightburn 0.9.19

If you’re using the same license for both it will - A DSP license also supports GCode devices.

Thank you Oz.

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