Software doesn't update laser

Chinese 3018
Lightburn 0.9.24

I was trying to move my graphic to center it on the piece. I selected the graphic, and changed the values of the center position. It moved on my work space, but didn’t seem to update the code to the laser. I disconnected and reconnected, cycled power on the laser, and closed LB and restarted. Every time the graphic would start in the same position. I ended up just moving the piece to get this done, but it makes me wonder what I was doing wrong.

I’ve looked over the forum and it appears that this is only my problem

It likely depends on the ‘Start From’ setting you’re using. Read here:

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That’s likely the problem.

How about a “move to position” button, that would follow the mouse click? When trying to see where the different design elements are on the work piece.That would be quicker than reading the X;Y and entering that into the move to box by hand.

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Click to Move tool

The Click-to-Move tool is a quick way to jog your laser to a location somewhere in the workspace. Select this tool, then click anywhere on the page and LightBurn will issue a command to send your laser there. This tool automatically turns itself off after about 10 seconds, in case you accidentally leave it on. Trying to select a shape and having the laser move away from where you want it can be confusing.

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That was quick ! :rofl:

I guess I need to spend more time in the tutorial videos, my bad.

But I am still having problems where the laser doesn’t go to the designated position for the cut. I just calibrated my machine, it was off by a couple of mm, but on my last job I had to move the center position 2 inches from actual center of the work piece. I am starting from 0;0 each time, and made a test dot, but moving the dot 1 inch in LB does not = 1 inch on the work piece.

This is worth review to ensure you have things configured correctly:

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