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I am looking to purchase a license of Lightburn. I am thinking of buying it through the website LightBurn Software – YoraHome

I need a DSP version as I have a Ruida controler. My laser is a Chinese laser. It is NOT a Yorahome laser.

My question is, will the software copy I buy through Yorahome be the same as if I buy it through Lightburn? Are they a legitimate distributor of the Lightburn software. Is the software through Yorahome specifically for their lasers? Will it be the latest version (they done say on their website)?

Thank you

I can’t answer your questions, but why not just buy it through Lightburn’s website ?

It seems to be cheaper off the Yorhome site. I am Canadian and they show it in Canadian dollars about the same price as Lightburn is showing in what I presume is US dollars. So that’s a significant savings for me.

Are you certain it’s in Canadian dollars? I didn’t see any specific mention of currency but haven’t gone through checkout. It’s priced the same as on LB site for me (USD).

The license itself from that site is almost certainly just a generic license with the same terms and version. I don’t think they’d limit you in an way to what controllers you could connect to. I’m sure Yorahome takes a cut of the revenue from the sale.

If all other things equal I’d prefer going through LB directly but I can see this being compelling if it’s indeed in CAD.

I think so. Maybe the Lightburn website is showing me Canadian dollars as well but just not showing marked as such.

I see “$156.00” on the Lightburn website.

I see “$152.79 CAD” on Yorahome website. When I add to cart it show up as $120.00 subtotal + $15.60 taxes for for total of " USD 135.60".

That sounds like a deal to me. :slight_smile:

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