Software gone Back into 30 day trial

Hi I was looking at the software the other day on my laptop and clicked on the upgrade software as it’s been a couple of years since I’ve had it but decided I didn’t want to upgrade as I only wanted to fit and try camera and see if I could sort WiFi out as well but it then locked me out saying 30 days left on trial now run out and now won’t load now it still works on my pc in the house but I’m not dragging that to the garage as that’s what my laptop for what are my options cheers apart from upgrading at full price

Man, your post is absolutely not readable. Did you ever hear about punctation? Or at least make clear sentences.

in top there is a licence portal link… you can reset licence keys… not sure if that answers your questIon?

I’m sorry, but I really have no idea what you’re asking here. These are the two computers on your key:

If you can tell me which isn’t working, I can deactivate it for you and then you can just re-enter the key.

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