Software interpretation from the Camera

According to what I have been told the software interpretation from the camera is what is causing the overlay to be on a slant. No matter how many times I align and calibrate it always has some degree of slant. The whole overlay is actually slanted, but you only see the slant in the bottom RH corner. If you look at the wood it too is slanted. The wood is actually flush to the steel corner square that is in the corner of the bed that is square to the machine.

Also I am always chasing the overlay. I can make a cut or mark and adjust the XY, Width, & Height. Make 2nd cut or mark and its off again. You can see in the image the slant and how far off the wood I put the design just to keep it within the border of the actual cut wood. I think the Slant is causing me some of this trouble.

I have been fighting this on an off since December. Living with it, but I really would like to find a solution.

Elegoo Phedca 20w.

If the overlay is losing alignment between cuts, it means the position of the camera has changed relative to your workspace.

You must make sure that your camera is mounted in such a way that it cannot move at all relative to your workspace, or the overlay will lose alignment.

If you switch to a material of a different thickness, that can also cause a misalignment, as the distance between the camera and work surface will have changed.

You can perform an alignment for a given height by engraving the alignment marks at that height. Right-click in the camera control window and save that alignment information. Then, perform another at a different height, and save that one too. If you name them for the heights they were done at, you can import camera settings for the closest height to whatever you’re engraving.

The slant should be corrected for during the calibration and alignment process. When you perform the calibration, make sure you’re getting low scores and that the dot pattern is perfectly flat. If there is an curvature to the pattern, that can throw off the calibration.

Here are some additional tips on the lens calibration and alignment processes:

And video guides:

I am out of town right now, but as soon as I get back I will check this out and get back with you… thanks everyone.

I followed the process again and it does not matter I get the same results every time. the bottom is skewed and that skew causes the bottom right quadrant to not align with the mark that I laser out and the upper left quadrant is aligned. It seems no matter what I do the results are always the same. I don’t know if its the Software or the camera. Is there a recommended camera to use in conjunction with Lightburn and Phedca 20w that does work well?

LightBurn has a built-in camera selection helper under the HelpCamera Selection Help.

It’s hard to say for certain whether this a camera issue or a calibration issue — if you’ve completed that process many times and are sure you’re getting reasonably low scores, a new camera may help.

We are also working on revamping the camera calibration and alignment process in the coming months, which should make the calibration process much easier, and overlay alignment more robust (sorry, I can’t provide an exact release date for those updates).

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