Software Issue with Lightburn Versus RD Works

I have been using Lightburn on a Chinese AEON 100W Laser with Ruida controller and have an issue when stepping out multiple items. The file is a simple round coaster that was drawn in Lightburn and has some Fill engraved wording and some Cut graphics ( where the cut speed is 400mm/sec and 20% power) and then a final cut to cut through 3mm ply( cut speed 20 mm /sec @ 80%power).
As a single file this engraves and cuts fine in Lightburn. The issue is when it is stepped out 6 across x 5 down for 30 up the result is that the engraving varies from the final cut and I suspect it is mostly in the Y direction. Sometimes some of the engraved lettering is moved and distorted. Whenever a file is stepped out for multiple items both ways this issue occurs.
Today, I converted the LBRN File into an AI file and downloaded the same file into RD Works (First time I have ever used this program),stepped it out 6 across x 5 down and it engraved perfectly. Everything was concentric and identical on each of the 30 items.
I must have something wrong with my Lightburn configuration.

A similar issue I have relates to repeat operations and Origin moving between each time you stop and start. If I have a number of pieces already made and I want to then engrave a different name on each one the following occurs. Using User origin in the centre of the file and locating a piece with the centre marked it will engrave correctly. The piece is located in a jig so the next piece is in the exact same spot.
Remove the piece and put a new piece in and the origin on the laser will shift about 0.5 in the Y direction. If you keep doing additional pieces the Origin keeps moving each time the process is repeated.
Thanks in anticipation of any advice and assistance you can give,

Given the 2nd part of what you wrote, it’s pretty clear what’s happening is that you’re losing steps - the steppers are being driven too aggressively and at some point steps are being missed. RDWorks plans paths in a different order than LightBurn, so there’s a good chance that’s all it is, as the order in which things are run can have a huge impact on the motion of the laser, and resonance can cause lost steps too.

Go to Edit > Machine Settings and have a look at the Idle Acceleration and the Y acceleration for engraving (scanning) - Make note of what they are now and try lowering them about 20% and running the job again.

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Thank you OZ
I will report back as soon as I get a chance to alter the unit.
Appreciate your great response.

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