Software keeps saying that I need to upgrade

When I open software, it keeps asking to download the new version and I am already on the newest version. 0.9.09

There have been a couple patches sent out the last day or so that have the same version 09.09. Just download and install the latest version of 09.09 and the notices will stop,

The text specifically says “There is an update available for your version (0.9.09)” - The software is trying to tell you there was a patch released.

I’ll make the wording a little more “hit you over the head with it” in the next release. Quite a few people have messaged about this, rather than just believing it and downloading the update.

I know you have your own versioning system, but you could do like for patches. It would make it easier for us to realize that it is a patch. I see the same version over and over again. And it makes me think that it is a error.

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I could, yes, but that requires me changing code, and changing many more places that point to the download. If I leave the filenames the same, I only have to change the info in one place, which is the primary reason for doing it this way.

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It’s confusing. I don’t know which computer has which version anymore. And if a new patch breaks something it’s hard to go back to a previous version.

Version numbers exist for a reason.

The build date is always visible in the About page, so you can see which one you have. The changes made were small and isolated to things we genuinely felt were important enough to push through for everyone. It’s not something that will happen often.

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