Software license key not working trial version ran out

lightburn software was purchased with laser . License access key is not working trial version has ran out

What do you mean by “not working”? LightBurn returns very specific error messages that tell us why the key was rejected. Can you say what the message was? This sort of thing is better handled by emailing since we can’t have you post your key here.

ive Emailed them no responce yet

“Them” is us. I’ve replied to your email.

I see a response has just been sent. Look again when you get a second. :slight_smile:

Is this like “All your base are belong to us”? Trying to wrap my head around this concept, but yes, we be them!

Just a suggestion maybe something that would prevent this in the future. Wrap your head around this . Instead of( ABDAFF000111) example only. That in reality can be mistaken as a capitol O possibly leading someone to believe that (ABDAFFOO111) would be correct. A slashed 0 would be a great representation of the number 0. It would definitely clarify that being a zero and not Latin script letter O. And before you ask , Yes I did try the zero’s .

When you enter the key incorrectly, it tells you that the valid characters are only A to F and 0 to 9.

I could make the system auto-convert O’s to 0’s, but other common mistakes are A/4, B/3/8, and those are all valid. Copying and pasting the key is the best way for now, until we get the system in place that allows you to just use your email address.

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