Software licensing upgrade questions

So I have had my Diode laser for a while now and just short of a year ago I purchased a lightburn license. I recently purchased an OMTech 50W engraver with a Ruida controller, which I understand I now need to upgrade the license to use it on the Ruida controller. It is telling me that the upgrade is $60 when I provide my old license key. When I upgrade, does that then follow the timeline of my old license? My old license is due to expire on June 23, 2022. Am I paying the $60 to only be able to use it for less than a month, or will that get me another year?

Thanks for the GREAT software.

Your license doesn’t expire, just the ability to download and install updates. I believe that if you upgrade to the DSP version, your update availability expiration date will stay the same as it is now. You would only need to pay the $30 for another year of upgrades if you actually wanted to download and install any of the new upgrades. Licensing details here:

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