Software locks up and locks MacOS - Requires full restart

I keep running into an issue where I go to the Help Menu to search for the function I need - commonly “Preview” and “Grid/Array” and the menu just locks up and it locks up my Mac.

  • The blue arrows pop-up but do not display the drop down menus, but doesn’t show the menu, it sometimes still highlights the option I need and I can run the preview but then it locks up after that.
  • I try to roll over the menu, and the header turns grey but doesn’t even show the blue arrow after that.
  • This also locks my MacOS Dock. I keep my MacOS dock on the bottom and hidden, and I cannot access it after I try to run menu functions in Lightburn.
  • I have to quit the application AND reboot to get my dock back.
  • This is the only application that locks on my computer

I tried updating my Mac and Lightburn, it did not fix the issue

I used the forum to see how to properly uninstall Lightburn, I trashed the application and library files, emptied the trash, restarted my computer. Downloaded the app again, got the laser preference file from my Dad (we work on projects together) loaded that, created a new file from scratch, saved to my desktop, dropped random text in, repeated the steps above and it still locked up.

I feel like I’m missing something or maybe missed an uninstall file? Some other file that needs trashed?

I am on a 13-inch, 2019 Mac (intel Chip), Running Sonoma 14.4.1
Lightburn version 1.5.06

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

  • Rebecca (joint account with Dad)

I attached screenshots of the menu mishaps - it’s not the easiest thing to capture but you can see how the drop-down do not appear and the absence of the dock.

If you use the Preview icon do you get the same behavior?

Maybe MacOS related hope someone with more insights chime in.

Thank you so much! Just using that button works for me and doesn’t lock anything up! I also can navigate to Grid/Array from the Arrange menu directly - so maybe it’s related to the Help/Search function not sure. Appreciate the help!

Take a look at the docs, lots of useful information there.

Yes, this has been reported previously, but thank you for the details. Doing additional testing and do find issues with the OS-level Help/Search system when using 1.5.06. Seeing others have offered additional ways to access the Preview and Array tools, so you should be able to move forward with your work.

I will generate a report. Thank you for drawing our attention. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it!

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