Software not running correctly

My software is really being wonky - When I import a design and put a rectangle around it - The layers/cuts only show 1 layer. I cannot turn the rectangle to no output if I click on the design or the box it changes everything (design and rectangle outline). Nothing is working correctly. I am using a HP Pavilion laptop, The software has worked fine before, I am attaching screen shots

My upgrades have expired- but the software should still work shouldn’t it? Thanks for any advice.

I’m not really following what’s not working.

Have you attempted to put the rectangle onto a separate layer by using the layer assignment colors at the bottom of the screen? From your screenshot it looks like that toolbar is not visible. I’d suggest maximizing the window to make it easier to see or otherwise rearrange your docked window panes to reveal it.

Thank you kindly! I guess I had a brain cramp- once I maximized the window where I could see that tool bar with the colors, I got it corrected. Thanks again- I was ready to uninstall my software and reinstall it.

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