Software programe

Good Day,
I want to buy Lightburn Programe.
but not sure on what to buy i have two machines

  1. fiber
  2. ortur
    both machines run off one computer

Please can you assist me.

Assuming that your fiber machine uses an EZCad 2 board, you’ll need Galvo support. Your ortur is a GCODE based machine. The base Galvo license includes GCODE support as well as Galvo support.

I’d recommend you install the free 30 day trial first to ensure everything works properly, then you can simply license the software after that. Base license is good to install on 2 computers.

This is ultimately the license you would need for your hardware:

I don’t think the link you provided includes Gcode. I think it’s the stand alone Galvo.

From what I recall, the Galvo license does include gcode capability. I was trying to find definitive evidence for this but couldn’t find it on the site. But note that the (Galvo upgrade price of $90 + Gcode price of $60) = Galvo license price of $150.

I’m sure one of the LightBurn folks will clarify.

As @berainlb states, you need to buy a base gcode license which is $60, then a Galvo add-on license which is $90. Or, the link I provided which is the base license + the galvo license in one package for $150. Same as if you were purchasing DSP, you are getting the base GCODE license plus the DSP controller add-on. Basically, everyone has to have the base GCODE license, then you can add on additional controller support from there.

I just didn’t see it in the description. I wasn’t trying to disagree.

Just clarifying what’s included, needed, etc. for future readers.

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