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I originally bought a software lisence for my D1 and it worked fine. Recently I bought a Omtech C02 laser. I couldnt connect so i thought maybe it was because i didnt buy the Omtech version of Lightburn. Come to findout it was due to USB cable compatibitiy. So now when I try to connect its letting me know I dont have a DSP lisence on the current version of lighgtburn. It will cost $60 for the add on. My question is because I have a DSP lisence key from Omtech which I Paid $126. If i pay the $60 for the DSP add on will Lightburn refund the $126 for the lisence key i havent used? At this point i can connect if I either by the DSP add on for $60 or deactive the current version and use the New DSP Lisnece I bought from Omtech. Right now i havw a laser i cant connect. Decisions decision!!! Need help please.

The basic Lightburn covers grbl lasers… delete the original from the license portal and use the OMTech key, that should give you both lasers…

If this doesn’t get you up, send the information to support, they are pretty quick to respond…

Good luck


Before you do anything email support.

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