Software to laser, file not cutting as shown

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I have a file, with an intricate design, and all the pieces in the file have been grouped, saved as a compound path and then an svg. The file imports into Lightburn fine, but it cuts certain pieces off center and not in the pattern shown in lightburn. Any tips? Does something need updating?


Is the issue unique to this file? Does the laser + LightBurn do the right thing for other similar files? What program did you use to create the SVG?

Can you share the .lbrn file here? If not, can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn with the file loaded and attach here?

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lcb sides 2
lcb box sides 1

I was hoping for the .lbrn file so that I could see your cut layer settings. Anyway, I’ve loaded the SVG file into LightBurn and as you say, it’s loaded successfully.

However, it’s unclear what your final expected look for the design is or what problem you’re seeing. Can you call out what’s not what you expect and also attach a photo of the burn?

There was a photo in the original post, the heart lattice cuts with various pieces offset from where the design shows them

Hard to say for sure but that looks like something mechanical. You’re likely losing steps somewhere. Either through a loose belt or pinion. Or from the stepper motor losing step from being driven too quickly (speed or acceleration).

Do you hear any sort of buzzing/grinding occasionally especially as the laser head moves quickly between cut shapes? If so, that’s likely to be the stepper motors losing step.

Is this a new laser setup or it’s been working correctly for other jobs?

The original .lbrn file would help to understand some of the speed settings and cut order.

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That file has a lot of odd lines in it. Maybe try this one.

Was there something specific you saw in the file that @jbean2 posted? I hadn’t really noticed any stray lines or anything. Was fairly clean. Only thing I noticed was some possible compound shape issues in the lettering.

The file had about 10 rads that were over 40" and a lot of very short line segments, with some of them being arcs. Red lines in pic were large rads, but appear that they should be straight lines.

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Okay. Got you. So basically a lot of very slight curves where straight lines would be expected. I thought you were talking more about extraneous lines.

I wouldn’t expect the curves to cause the issues that @jbean2 is experiencing in any case.

From my past experience, you first look at short line segments that are arcs, then large rads. Some older controllers couldn’t handle large arcs, although LB does not output arcs to a controller.

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