Software to make most out of material

Is there a type of software available to organise vectors into the best configuration to save on material?
The most popular thing I do with my laser is cut words from acrylic. The fonts are often script.
It can take quite a while to work out the best way to cut each word whilst minimising waste. Is there anything out there to help with this? I expect no but thought I’d ask.


There’s something called MaxCut that I think will do what you want. I’ve no personal experience of the software and I’m sure there will be other solutions out there. Hope this helps.

Thanks Marcus, I’ve just had a look at that and it doesn’t seem to do what I need. However it is definitely a program I will make use of in the future.

It looks like maxcut only deals with “panels” for the cuts. What I’m looking for is a program that can organise script style words. These are quite different to panels as the highs and lows of each word need to fit within the highs and lows of another word.
The program would also have to spit the file out as a vector so that it can be placed back inside lightburn for cutting.

Like I said though, that program will come in handy when I’m on a project dealing with panels. So thank you for the recommendation.


Ok, sorry it doesn’t do what you’re looking for. I must admit I didn’t look at it in any depth.

Edit: How about Deepnest?

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