Software Tool to Make a State Map vs City Maps

Looking for a 3rd party tool to make a State Map vice a City Map with all the same features (roads, water, major map components, etc.) as others have recommended. Everything seems to be geared towards city level mapping, but I cannot find anything that does a wider region or a State “only” area. I will then convert to use in Lightburn.

Hard pressed to find anything better and best of all it’s free!

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I started to try it, but I was trying to see if it would only give me the state of VA. But I guess I’m going to have to make the state view and then crop it to look like the state.

Try this:

Thank You Mr. Marston. So I know google maps and snazzy maps has capibilities to add in state roads, water and others icons. While I have made a map with local areas with all that map stuff on it, is there a way to do the same for an entire state? If so, is there a specific tool/website I should try? I do really appreciate the everts for the SVG.

How much detail are you needing?
Cities clipped by population, size?
Waterways down to tributaries or may rivers & lakes?
County shapes?
Roads: Interstates roads, State roads and/or County roads?
Other Points of Interests? State Parks, etc.