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I use Lightburn on my desktop to design and my laptop when running jobs. there is a particular font I like to use on my desktop that is unavailable on my laptop. Same version of software. (Old English Text MT is the font in question) Any idea of what could be the issue?

You have to have both machines containing the same font file. If it’s windows, look in (systemdrive)\windows\fonts on the machine that has the file you want. Copy it to a convenient location on your second computer, right click on the copy, select install. Once installed, the copy can be deleted. If you had Lightburn open during the install, you’ll have to close and re-open to have the new font register.

download en installing

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LightBurn uses the fonts installed on your system. Install the desired font on your system using the font tools provided by the OS. Then, restart LightBurn to see the newly installed additions.

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