Software update defender warning

Hello i see today there was a newer version (0.9.24) is available and try to install it but windows defender give me during download and installation this warning.
What should i do? why i see this warning? early updates don’t have this warning. Why now?

text to translate for you
Uw pc wordt beschermd

Met Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is voorkomen dat een onbekende app is gestart. Het uitvoeren van deze app kan een risico voor uw pc vormen.

App: LightBurn-v0.9.24.exe
Uitgever: Onbekende uitgever


Your PC is protected
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen has prevented an unknown app from starting. Running this app can pose a risk to your PC.

Unknown publisher

Same here but I went on and installed lightburn.
This is the first time I get this warning message for lightburn installer.
Not only that but after upgrading to 0.9.24 i went to help/check for updates and lightburn crashed. this happened once and all looks to be in order now but not yet used it for cutting.

Running up to date Win10/64.

This is because we let our digital certificate lapse temporarily as we’re in the process of moving the company. By the next release this should be back to normal.

Windows Defender is only flagging the software because it does not recognize the developer (expired certificate as Oz said). It did not detect anything malicious in the software or it would have shown a different, and more serious, warning.

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