Software version for Monport 40 watt

I’m currently running Lightburn for a diode laser xTool D1 Pro 20 watt. I recently purchased a Monport 40 watt CO2 and am trying to get Lightburn to recognize my laser engraver. Lightburn can’t find my engraver nor does it recognize it when I try to configure it manually.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you upgrade your license to support a DSP controller… I think the Monport has a Ruida controller.

If you have purchased Lightburn for the grbl machine you can upgrade to include a dsp controller …

if not…

How are you connected, via Ethernet or usb? You may need the proper drivers for the Ruida.


How do I go about finding my license key? I have another computer, I have Lightburn installed on and the second computer but the trial version ran out. I downloaded the software for a diode laser. Do I need software for a GRBL or DSP? The Monport I purchased is supposed to be lightburn compatible. Monport told me I didn’t have to download any other software. They told me my computer should be able to find it.

It was sent to your email address.

Send a note to include the email you used when you registered the trial version.

There is a license portal, I don’t know if it does upgrades with payments but you can check it out.

They are probably right if you have Lightburn installed with the dsp option.