Solenoid dont open

I bought a solenoid to control the Air Assist with a large compressor, I installed it on the board with the positive of the solenoid at 24v, and the negative at Wind, when I order it to cut something, it turns on the led From the solenoid, but it does not open for air passage

The solenoid may require more operating current than the controller can sink: the LED will turn on, but the magnetic field is not large enough to open the valve.

A DC-to-DC solid state relay will unload the controller’s output and sink enough current to properly control the valve:

Make sure you get a DC-to-DC SSR!

I saw several videos on YouTube that did the same thing I did, just connected the solenoid to the board. The board supplies 24 volts

Can you hear the solenoid pick? If not, you may be able to disassemble it and see what’s sticking. You can just take the wire going to the Ruida and hold it to ground … that will tell you if the solenoid is good.

Do you have a link to the solenoid you are using?

Since the indicator is lit, I’d assume the Ruida is working.

The Ruida documentation isn’t really that specific on current sink ability… Some manuals say 500mA others for the same controller state 300mA.

I do have a ssr controlling the fan and previously the compressor, these are both 120V mains power.

I have mine wired up, basically like the factory suggests - without any external relays. I run two solenoids using Wind on one and Status to drive solenoid and a ssr that switches compressor and fan on.

Industry has been running these from at least around 2010 and they rarely fail… I prefer using the KISS principle time proven …

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