Solve the displacement when gravitating by vector

Good day Dear! Can you tell me how to solve the displacement when gravitating by vector ?

Diode 10 watt homemade machine on rails on all axes, replaced the belts with ball screws on all axes, two screws on both sides. Help overcome engraving misalignment. Lightburn program, Trocen AWC 7813 controller. With the belts on the machine, I adjusted the offset and got a good hit. Now the screws, disabled the offset correction in the program, there is no offset on the controller screen, but in fact there is a strong engraving offset. I tried to set the offset in the program to +1 offset even more… P.S. there are no backlashes. Engraving along the vector at a speed of 6 meters per minute. Works out line to line with repeated repetition.

How and where did you do this?

To make sure, you at one time had offset correction but then turned it off?

If you’re certain that there is no backlash this should be correctable with the offset scanning adjustment.

What are your current “Scanning Offset Adjust” settings in Edit->Device Settings now?

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