SOLVED! Engrave a photo with blurred edges


Sorry to bother everyone again. Is there a way to engrave blurred edges? I want to engrave a photo for my colleague on a cutting board but want to fade the edges so there isn’t a hard engraved block of a photo on it. I used a editor online to edit the photo but in LightBurn, its still a hard edge

Thank you again for your help!

( I use a 60watt CO2 laser)

Solved! My laser needed to have a white background instead of a transparent background in order to fade the edges, otherwise it would fill that space up

It’s probably the background that is giving you an issue.

The feather looks ok, but the background needs to be transparent or it’s engraved by Lightburn…

See if your graphics software can create a transparent background.

Good luck


If I make it transparent then it doesn’t fade. I tried to do a white background and it fades! Just edited enough so it doesn’t engrave the white background

An option is to take the feathered image, and pre-process it somewhere like

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