Some Keyboard Shortcuts appear to be broken

I’m using Windows 10 and Lightburn v1.2.01 on two different computers. I only discovered this because I was trying to set up my macropad, but the keyboard shortcuts for Align Top, Align Bottom, Align Center Vertical and Align Center Horizontal don’t actually seem to work on either my laptop or my desktop computer. Both are running the same version of Lightburn and the desktop was only JUST set up new a week ago. I’ve only installed the bare minimum on it. I haven’t tested any more of the keyboard shortcuts for alignment, but I used the official keyboard shortcut document available on the Lightburn website as my reference. Trying both the actual keyboard shortcut keys as well as the shortcut key I set up on my macropad don’t appear to work. Several other keyboard shortcuts work fine, so I suspect there may be an issue with the Alignment shortcuts in this version of Lightburn.

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