Some leather work from last night

Some leather work I did last night.



I like the two tone effect, that must have taken some time to figure out.

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Definitely messed up enough leather to get to this point.


you did a great job with the various tones! I’m digging it!

For those of you who don’t know, suede/pigskin does NOT laser very well. Least in my experience. It simply chars the fuzz and then smudges.

Thank you! I agree, Pig and Goat do not work!!

Great job - nice and clear. May I ask what burn settings you used to get this result?

Here’s some suede I burned for testing some scrolling for a leather frame - the scroll didn’t turn out too bad, and I also have good success with burning font lettering in “fill” setting rather than “line” - nice and clear with no smudge or shrinkage.

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Beautiful @CustomCut, would live to see the final finished project when you are done. I think it’s a perfect burn.


Very nice!
May ask what you settings were?

Leather work is great but… What a smell !!! :sneezing_face:

I also think it looks really nice, but without the technical data it is “only” nice and not of value to the rest of us. Unless I have misunderstood something, I believe that the purpose of the forum is to help each other with knowledge and experience.