Some of my uploaded images are doubled

Check your belts and the bolts on the rollers.

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I have tried that and it has worked. But what’s weird it is only on images I import in; if I generate text within Lightburn it engraved perfect. Don’t understand why it would work for that but not for something else.

If you make a pretty simple square or a circle, then you have the same problems?

Probably different speed settings for the different images. Acceleration will do this.

I’m just as confused, it doesn’t make sense. I’ve lowered the speed down to 30% and it still does the same thing.

So you fixed it or it doesn’t work? Speed is in mm/sec or inch/min. % is usually for amount of power.

At first it was doubling everything. Then we tightened the belts and bolts, lowered the speed and power and it works great for any text within lightburn but will still double any image I upload.

Can you please upload the file you are using in LightBurn?

The LightBurn file as you are using it please. I love Ajo by the way. That’s some beautiful desert!

try to test this file but remember to set your speeds and power. (I have not optimized the time, as it is not your problem right now)test55.lbrn2 (79.4 KB)

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Not sure how to attach that? Sorry!
Ajo is unique!

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… but, I mean I can remember from “my diode times” that I once had similar symptoms and it turned out to be the lens itself which was broken at the edge.
I’m reasonably sure it’s not a setting issue. (unless you drive way too fast)