Some rock engraving

Been messing around with stone engraving.
500/80% on the clean stone and 800/80% on the painted stone…
I will see what it looks like after I remove the paint in a couple days… A little busy now but will post the results …


To clarify, the ‘500’ and ‘800’ are mm/min?
What paint did you use?
I’m interested to see the painted one with the paint removed.

Yes 500 & 800 is the speed.
The paint was Rustoleum painters choice 2x flat white primer.
Seems this has been the paint of choice.
I will post the image of the stone after paint removal… I’m curious as well.

I forgot to mention. The bare stone took 4 passes.
The painted 2 passes.

I think they are being nice, trying to tell you 500 is not a speed, 500 is a number. They are asking you to confirm.

You need to provide the rest of the equation to make it represent distance over time. 500mm/sec is different from 500 KPH. :wink:

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speeds are designated in mm/min
This is a Fox alien 4040 LE 20 watt fixed focus machine.
There fixed it…

Here is the painted rock after the paint was mostly removed… Still some in the pores of the rock.
I think the plain burn even though it took a couple more passes looks better…


Is the purpose of the paint to be sort of a white wash?

I figured the same paint that we use on the norton tile system would help on the harder rocks.
It appears to have done that.
Some rocks are easy and some barely etch.