Some text stays inverted after changing device

On Linux/Ubuntu 18.04 and with previous 0.9.24 and latest 1.0.2 versions the following happens.
Starting Lightburn and it defaults to a device with a different origin(left/rear) than attached loaded file(left/front). In my case it defaults to my Smoothieware K40 device and I’ve seen it happen with a GRBL device too.
Load the file and it’ll show inverted in Lightburn.
Select the device it was designed for, Ortur LM1 in my case.
The design will properly orient itself except for the upper text “I Give In To” will remain inverted.
If I open Lightburn, set the device and then load the file then the design is completely oriented properly.

IGiveIntobeer.lbrn2 (109.7 KB)