Some windows not docking

I like to stack windows (ie. laser, layers, camera Libraries, etc) onto the the right side of the screen so I can see 3 different windows. Occasionally, I have trouble getting a window to dock after undocking it. I like to mirror my mac on an Ipad, this allows me to move the Move & Laser windows onto the ipad so I can start and control jobs at the laser. Could that could be a contributing factor?
I have to restart Lightburn to get it to work properly. It doesn’t happen often, maybe 7-8 times in the past year. It is an annoyance having to restart Lightburn every time it happens, any fixes or work-arounds would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve had the same thing happen.
Interested to read the response.

Can you take a screenshot of what this looks like?

Are you attempting to dock while the screen is being mirrored? Does the behavior change if you disable mirroring?

No, I extend the desktop on the mac to the ipad and move the laser & move windows over onto the ipad. When i try to return the windows back to the Mac & try to dock them in the Lightburn window that is when the problem occurs. It doesn’t happen every time though, so it’s going to be difficult to capture. I have tried turning off screen sharing, closing & reopening the windows but it doesn’t fix it. I have tried undocking & closing all of the windows & docking them again; every window will dock except for the windows that initially failed to work. The only way I have gotten it to work is to close Lightburn & restart the program.

Is it always the same window that poses a problem? Can you upload a screenshot showing 3 stacked window panes? I didn’t think LightBurn supported more than 2 panes on the right.

As far as I can remember it was the Move & Laser windows. Those are generally the only windows I ever have floating.
You can have 4 individual windows docked on the right border.

Interesting. I can’t get 3 let alone 4. This may be about available vertical resolution.

I don’t have a problem docking windows to my 2 available panes but can’t get a 3rd to test that.

I just checked on a different computer and it will only dock 3 windows.
My Mac can do 4. Limit is either due to Windows or the resolution.

It’s likely going to be a resolution issue. I have a 32" 4K monitor here, and have stacked 5 different windows with no issues, and am sure I can do more if needed. Running Windows 10 here.

There is a minimum resolution required to display all UI elements, so the vertical resolution will limit the number of panes that can be docked per side, unless they are stacked as tabs.

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