Some Wood and Slate items off the Atomstack X7

A couple items that I happened to take pictures of. I’ll add more down the road. The machine is an Atomstack X7 with 810mm extension kit, Atomstack Air Assist Kit, Atomstack Roller Rotary Kit.
I have since fixed it by grounding and bonding it.
I love having the laser to personalize the woodworking and furniture making that I do.


Nicely done! It looks like they make an enclosure and are working on a mini fume extractor setup.

Hi what settings did you use on the slate there?

I’d have to look at the program, I did that a while ago. But it was based on a dithering/halftone test. I prepped the image on the imagr website and did a couple test pieces. When I get a chance I’ll look up the settings.