Someone can help me

this is my setting pls tell me what should be

This laser does NOT appear to be anywhere close to 57 mm ABOVE the work surface, and looks to be OUT-OF-FOCUS.

Once you MEASURE IT, and get it within 57 mm of the material surface…


GET YOURSELF SOME ORANGE SAFETY EYEWEAR (assuming its a 405 to 445 NM Diode Laser) from a REPUTABLE supplier. And keep any body parts AWAY from the beam while it’s firing.

Then ENABLE the ‘FIRE’ button, (it’s in the Device Settings menu) and set it to 0.7% power (or whatever you need to BARELY see it with your safety eyewear ON) You may need to go up to 2 or 3% power.

Once you get this done, you can proceed.

i tried but light is faded then still not burning

From the picture it looks like the laser is out of focus.
You should have instructions with it to tell you how to focus it, you are aiming for a very tight small beam at the work surface.
Hope that helps

Your laser is WAY too high, I’d wager. And 100 mm/s is way too fast for doing pretty much anything. And as others have told you on here, white paper is NOT a good material to work with.

With my diode laser, I have the laser head about 60mm above my work surface, based on my focus. And the focus should be a VERY small dot.

For engraving on wood (like plywood), I use 40mm/s, and about 80% power.

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