Something changed with origin in new update? (false alarm)

I downloaded and installed the update, and now I am not getting the origin square that shows where the file will start? If I choose “Cut Selected Graphics” and “Use Selection Origin” it shows like it should but without those there is no indication of an origin point.

Also, when I frame a job it’s going WAY outside the area I intend to cut/engrave?

Was there an option that got default-toggled with the new install?

I’ve got a client job to finish tonight and I can’t do it like this. Never should have downloaded the update until that was finished. Can I roll back?

You can roll back, yes - All releases are here:

However, are you sure that there’s nothing out of bounds in your file? Ctrl + Shift + A will frame the contents of the job (or the current selection) - check to make sure that only captures what you think it should.

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Dammit, as SOON as I posted I figured it out. I had another rectangle in the drawing that was so much bigger than the work area that I didn’t see it. :confused: Working as intended, sorry.

Good to know about the rollback though, thanks!

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