Something Strange in the Neighboorhood

So, I identified a REALLY weird, REALLY specific issue with my install of Lightburn and my laser. Using a Ruida 6442 DSP on an OMTech 60W 20 x 28 (RDC V8.00.65, HMI V4.50.02). Connecting via network.

So, if I import an SVG and manually set speeds and power for fills and lines, it works great. I can change speed and power for fills using the library all day long. However, if I use a library to change settings on a line, the laser will pause for a little bit over 3 minutes before it starts. Once that 3 minute delay happens once, I don’t have an issue changing lines via the library again in the session.

Once I start a new session, if I open a lightburn file that has had that line setting set via the library, the delay happens. If I save a lightburn file that had its line settings set manually, it works fine.

At first, I thought someone had turned on the stamp mode, which I know can cause the delay issue, but it was not turned on.

Is this a Lightburn thing or is it a Ruida issue?

Scratching my head…

Hi Marshall

Would you be able to share with us a file of each, Manually set + Library set

And if possible export your library too for reference? (or email if is more confortable for you)

Thats trully strange issue.

I won’t be able to send anything out until Saturday at the earliest, as I have to go out of town for work. So you want an LBRN file for manually set and library set? And a copy of the library. I can do that.

Much Appreciated!

Good Travels.