Something weird with fonts

I have a purchased design that I couldn’t change the fonts to a different font.

After trying multiple times I noticed that the text had been converted to a path. I figured that because the convert to path is grayed out in the edit menu.

Is there any way to change the text back or will I have to re-type everything?

FontTest.lbrn2 (23.8 KB)

Thanks for any pointers.

There’s no direct way of doing this that I’m aware of. You might be able to save it as an image then use OCR to convert it to text. Then all you’d need to do is copy and paste the text into LightBurn. If you don’t have any OCR capable applications on your system you’ll find some free online OCR services with a quick search using your favourite search engine.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Marcus, I’ll give that a try.

You’re welcome. Note that if the text is particularly fancy it might not OCR very well!

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Hi Ernie, old friend, one font is “Impact” and the other “Muka Mahee”, about the second one I’m not 100% sure. Both are modified but the “Impact” text is “only” bent and turned into shapes.
I hope you can use it.

Hi Bernd, It wasn’t the fonts that was the issue. It was the the fonts in the project that I purchased and all been converted to a path and would not let me change those to a different font. Thank you for your reply and input.

Since I had the time I opted to just re-type the info and delete the converted fonts.

Thank you everyone for your input and suggestions.

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