Something weird

Something weird is going on with this image. I’m trying to get the lines on this smile to join so it becomes one continuous outline that can be filled - agreed it’s not looking much like a smile at this point.

I’m finding there are at least 4 separations within this diagram. Highlighted approximately in with yellow. I eventually dissected the diagram into its 4 components but when I delete one - it will also delete another line that doesn’t seem to be correlated with it. Almost like the lines are still connected somehow without actually being connected. Pictures attached along with the file are included.

I’m getting pretty good with the help of this forum at working with nodes but this one has me baffled. An obvious work around would be to create a new smile with new lines but I’m curious to understand what’s happening here.

The smile connected
Approximate location of seperations

The smile separated

Smile - Hermit crab for granddaughter.lbrn (95.3 KB)

If you select all lines for this shape (the smile), then ‘Arrange’ → ‘Break Apart’. Then re-select these again and now select ‘Edit’ → ‘Auto-Join selected shapes’, which should create a single, closed path shape. :slight_smile:

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What Rick just said works. I first used the break apart and manually joined each segment, which also worked, but then reverted to the original and Rick’s shorter method works just fine.

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Thank you Rick! I so appreciate the simpleness of the solutions I receive. Thank you all for sharing your expertise!


Thanks Fred for your additional solution. Appreciate your assistance.

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