Sometimes file transfer fails but the laser starts and ruins the material

Hello, is it any workaround so when I click start on the lightburn software and the file is not transfered completely the laser should not start at all ?

Sometimes I receive “File transfer failed” message 2 seconds later after I click on “start”, but a part of the file is already sent to the laser and it starts. If I let it work like that it stops at the middle of the job and ruins the material.

Is it any workaround to make the laser not start until the file transfer is completed succesfully?

The laser is connected via ehternet to the router and the laptop is connected wireless to the router. Most of the times it works but from time to time I receive that message and it is too late to stop the laser as it already started the job ruining the material as the file sent is not complete.

Thank you

I am going to answer myself as I found a way to not get the File transfer fails message when is too late and the laser started.

I click on the start job from lightburn software when I have the lid open on the laser and the safe protection on, after that I wait for the file to transfer completely and successfully and then I close the lid and press enter on the ruida controller so the laser starts without any problem.

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You can also start a job partially…
in the preview click on “start here”

saved my a** a few times

Click ‘Send’ to send the file to the laser as a named file. If you hold ‘Shift’ when you do this, LightBurn will start it for you when the transfer succeeds. You’ll have to delete files occasionally when you do this, because they will actually stay on the controller, or you can just re-use the same filename and keep overwriting it.

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